Everyone has a story.

That is a fact, not an opinion. Everyone breathes and lives circumstances that shape them. Everyone experiences events that form who they are, how they process, what they think, and how they react.

Everyone has a story, but not everyone gets to talk about it.

That’s the purpose of this blog; to ask, to listen, to understand, and to recount people’s stories. Because each one is unique, incredible, and challenging. Each one has its own ups and downs, each one is remarkable.

And what about tattoos?

Every tattoo has a reason, a purpose as to why its wearer permanently marked their skin. Sometimes the wearer thought through each design with great care, waiting months until finally setting up an appointment. Sometimes the tattoo was got on a whim. The tattoo may be a symbol of someone’s heart, struggles, or pain. The tattoo may just be a pretty design.

It doesn’t matter the reason, each one is valid and each one weaves into an individual’s story.

Special thanks to various photographers who capture each interview.
Special thanks to the Well Coffeehouse for having great coffee.